AR NIBRS Program

ACIC was created to assist law enforcement agencies in the war against crime. One way this is done is by identifying when and where crimes occur, as well as the characteristics of suspects and victims. The traditional Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program was not designed to collect or portray these details. Therefore, in its place is a program called the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS). It is being strongly encouraged by the FBI and other organizations nationwide. It produces the additional details needed by local agencies for budget justifications, grant proposals, and setting local agency priorities.

This section is dedicated to assisting local law enforcement in the transition to incident based reporting. Any comments or questions should be forwarded to ACIC at 501-682-2222.

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Arkansas Statutes & NIBRS Codes - XLS

NOTE: The code provided in this document is an unofficial posting of the Arkansas Code. The file does not constitute the official text of the Arkansas Code and is intended for informational purposes only. While every effort was made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the statutes available, the Arkansas Crime Information Center is not responsible for any errors or omissions.

NIBRS Information & Training Manuals

NEW 2014 NIBRS USER MANUAL (Effective January 2014 Submission) Type
Acquiring a Records Management System (RMS) Handbook PDF
Caution Against Ranking Using UCR Data PDF
Conversion of NIBRS Data to Summary Data PDF
Conversion of NIBRS Data to Hate Crime Data PDF
Hate Crime Data Collection Guidelines and Training Manual PDF
Volume 1: Data Collection Guidelines PDF
Volume 2: Data Submission Guidelines PDF
Volume 4: Error Message Manuals PDF
Addendum to FBI NIBRS Volumes PDF

NIBRS Newsletters Archive

The latest NIBRS information may be found in the ACIC System Update. Several of the past NIBRS Newsletters are still available. The newsletters contain current and relevant information concerning NIBRS.

Title Type
July 2007 - Volume 2 - Issue 3 PDF
April 2007 - Volume 2 - Issue 2 PDF
January 2007 - Volume 2 - Issue 1 PDF
October 2006 - Volume 1 - Issue 4 PDF
June 2006 - Volume 1 - Issue 3 PDF
April 2006 - Volume 1 - Issue 2 PDF
April 2006 - Volume 1 - Issue 1 PDF