Arkansas was the first state in the nation to implement an automated information and notification system (VINE) that includes data from all county jails, all prosecuting attorneys, and the state prison system.

The Arkansas VINE system consists of a network of computers placed in each county jail, prosecuting attorney's office, the Department of Correction, the Attorney General's Office, and the Parole Board . The system captures information on an offender's custody status. The system also provides court event information on criminal cases handled by Prosecuting Attorneys.

In May, 2004, Arkansas implemented an additional method of accessing offender information and registering against those offenders found in VINE. This new method, known as VINELink, is the web-based version of VINE and allows crime victims and concerned citizens to search a website for offender information.

Individuals are now able to search for offenders in custody in their community, and in 38 other participating states throughout the country, through The state in which an individual wishes to search for an offender would then be selected. If Arkansas is selected, the opportunity is given to search for that offender throughout the entire state, in the Department of Correction, or in county jails by filling in the first and last name of the offender. If the offender is located, more detail about his/her location and biographical information will be presented. It is also an option at this point to register for notification by telephone or e-mail and for the message to be delivered in Spanish or English. Once you have registered for notification, an email or telephone call will be immediately sent about any custody and/or court events that occur with the offender.

Individuals can still register with the VINE system by using a touch-tone telephone and calling 1-800-510-0415 or by contacting the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

For information about the Arkansas VINE system, including brochures and posters, or to schedule public awareness trainings, please call ACIC at 501-682-2222.