Staff Directory


If you have general questions or concerns

please call the ACIC main number at 501-682-2222  


Name Job Title Email-ID Phone
Jay Winters Director 501-682-7408
Billy Clinton Deputy Director 501-682-7409
Mary Rogers Administration Administrator 501-682-7404
Angie Tatom Assistant To The Director 501-682-2525
Judy Lepper Accountant II 501-682-7420
Bliss Boever Fiscal Support Specialist 501-683-2511
Deana Speer Receptionist 501-682-2222

Information Service Division

Application Support

Name Job Title Email Phone
​Michael Tackett ISD Administrator ​501-682-7445
Stormy Cook Programming Manager 501-682-7430
Benny Rinke Software Engineer 501-682-7422
Yewei Ji Software Engineer 501-682-7496

Infrastructure Support

Name Job Title Email Phone
​Michael Tackett ISD Administrator 501-682-7445
Jacob Suter Infrastructure Support Manger 501-682-4345
Kyle Hestes Infrastructure Support Engineer 501-682-2528
Dustin Melbourne​ Infrastructure Support Engineer​ ​501-682-7431


Name Job Title Email Phone
Billy Clinton Operations Administrator 501-682-7409
Karen Burgess Operations Manager 501-682-7411
Kara Rice Validation Officer and Audit Coordinator 501-682-7427
Linda Fernandes Network Control Coordinator 501-682-7415
Jimmy Everette Network Control Coordinator 501-682-7415
Ben Morrison Network Control Coordinator 501-682-7415
Amanda Hawkins Network Control Coordinator 501-682-7415
Tracy Martineau Network Control Coordinator 501-682-7415
Lee Garner Network Control Coordinator 501-682-7415


Name Job Title Email Phone
​Billy Clinton ​Training Administrator ​501-682-7409
Benny Battles Training Coordinator 501-682-7413
Jennifer Tomlin Education & Training Analyst 501-682-7410


Name Job Title Email Phone
​Billy Clinton ​SAC Administrator ​501-682-7409
Ralph Ward Manager, UCR, NIBRS, N-DEx, SAC 501-682-9491
Kyle Brown UCR Program Coordinator 501-682-2529
Jackie Warren UCR Program Analyst 501-682-7421

Field Services 

Name Job Title Email Phone
​Billy Clinton ​Field Services Administrator ​501-682-7409
Rick Stallings Field Services Manager 501-682-7438
Michele Kulesa VINE/JusticeXchange Coordinator 501-682-9490
Rhonda Ratterree ACIC Field Agent 501-454-7339
Lauren Reynolds ACIC Field Agent 501-412-6910
Tiffanie Ward ACIC Field Agent 501-682-7426
Kimberlee Freeman ACIC Field Agent 501-412-7322
Keith Weaver ACIC Field Agent 501-454-7413
Sarah Cole ACIC Field Agent 870-219-2983
Bradley West ACIC Field Agent 501-412-1996



Name Job Title Email Phone
Brad Cazort​ ​Repository Administrator ​501-682-7401
Lesa Winston Senior Manager 501-682-7440
Shambry Wilson Manager 501-682-8045
Cortney Williams Manager 501-683-3486
Rhonda Harris Manager 501-682-2256
Lynn Banaszak Data Entry 501-682-2254
Andrea C. Brown Data Entry 501-682-7437
Kristian Lanes Data Entry 501-682-0063
Danny Smith Data Entry 501-683-4940
Susie Clary Verifier 501-682-7436
Carolyn Cooley Data Entry 501-682-1609
Charles Caradine Data Entry 501-682-7446
Jean Green Verifier 501-682-2253
Dylan Matt Data Entry 501-683-3506
Jamie Bostad Data Entry 501-683-0883
​John Davis ​Data Entry ​501-682-0167
Janet Nelson ​Data Entry ​501-682-3515

Sex Offender Registry 

Name Job Title Email Phone
Brad Cazort Sex Offender Administrator 501-682-7401
Paula Stitz Manager Sex Offender Registry 501-682-7441
Kathy Smith Sex Offender Coordinator 501-682-7439
Jennifer Stallings Sex Offender Registry 501-683-4733
Denise Gaynor Sex Offender Registration 501-682-7418
Margaret Bell Sex Offender Registry 501-683-6367
The Arkansas Crime Information Center shall hire, upgrade, train, and promote in all job classifications without regard to race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, or disability, political affiliation or belief. This Policy applies to all employees of the Arkansas Crime Information Center and to all persons seeking employment with the agency. The Policy provides for equality of employment opportunity and treatment in internal staffing. Personnel actions will be directed toward encouraging equitable ethnic and female representation in recruitment, selection, and placement efforts, as well as expanding promotional opportunities for applicants and employees. This commitment will affect all employment practices including (but not limited to) hiring, placement, selection, training, transfer, promotion, layoff/termination, re-employment, compensation, benefits, terms, privileges, and conditions of employment. All Arkansas Crime Information Center employees are to be governed by the intent of the policy, and it is the responsibility of supervisors at all levels of operations to carry out and assure compliance with the Policy.

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